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Eddie S.

Asheville Holistic Dentist, I have to say has the most courteous staff that most businesses dream about. I cannot say enough about my many visits there. Dr. Peter Pang, the new and working owner, in my opinion truly cares about your teeth and how you feel about how they look. He truly does care…as do his staff!! I’m sure that you will love it at Asheville Holistic Dentist.

Eddie S. - Asheville

Susan D.

“Thank you so much for your fine work on my son. He needed a large amount of dental work done, so he flew down from New York because I told him about CEREC.

He liked the idea that you could do it all in just one visit. This would never have been possible without your expertise in this new technology. It is nice to know I can count on you to always remain at the top of your field, ensuring you always provide the latest and best techniques for your patients.”

Susan D. - Asheville, NC

Margaret W.

“My husband and I moved here from a metropolitan area. While we were excited about moving to Asheville, we were worried we might have to give up some of the benefits of big city life; including high-tech dental care. I began searching websites and was so excited when I came across Asheville Holistic Dentist (formerly Asheville Dental Care). After our first visit, I told my husband this level of dental care is not only high tech it is higher quality.”

Margaret W. - Asheville, NC

Sheridan H.

“I just wanted to say I have never had a more pleasant experience in getting a CEREC. The novocaine took effect instantly and wore off soon after leaving your office. The drill was less noisy and more efficient than I have ever experienced. I had virtually no pain. And the best part is I could not believe this was all in one visit. The experience was just incredible!”

Sheridan H.


“I have recently moved to the Asheville area and was looking to establish care with a dentist here. I just had my first examination, set of complete digital x-rays and cleaning with Asheville Holistic Dentist (formerly Asheville Dental Care). I was so impressed by my care and the welcome staff. His entire office is a delight!I was given a complete tour of the facility including the lab and sterilization area; it was impeccably clean and simply a pleasure to come into for treatment. I have never had such a personalized dental visit outside of my own brother’s practice!”

Deborah - West Asheville, NC

Charles H.

I have suffered through in my ‘travels’. It is not just skill that is so impressive in his office, but an insistence on keeping up with the latest methods and materials. He reads! He goes to demonstrations! What a rarity amongst doctors in general. What a rarity amongst doctors in general. If I go to a cleaning, and he finds something that needs doing, he fits me in that very day, saving me a second trip!

Another rarity. My wife was turned away from another dentist because, he said, her teeth were too worn down to work on. Asheville Holistic Dentist (formerly Asheville Dental Care) took her on immediately and saved her teeth. I too have had some complex work done to maintain my 50-year-old teeth. As we learn how important dental health is to overall health, my wife and I feel like we are in good hands.

Charles H. - Mars Hill, NC

Carla R.

“This was a life-changing experience, thank you! I still am amazed at how easy this process was, but how powerful the results are. I love to smile now.”

Carla R. - Swannanoa

Bill P

“I have been a patient of Asheville Holistic Dentist (formerly Asheville Dental Care) for more than 20 years, and the thing I have most appreciated about him is his commitment to quality dentistry.“

Bill P - Asheville, NC

Jack C

“Thank you, Asheville Holistic Dentist (formerly Asheville Dental Care), for providing me with the very best in dental care. The NTI device you made me has stopped my headaches.”

Jack C - Arden, NC

Paula W

“I love my Lumineers®. There were no temporaries, no shots, no drilling and no pain. My teeth look natural, and now I go out of my way to smile at everyone.”

Paula W - Flat Rock, NC

Lydia A.

“I just love your staff. The staff is friendly and helpful. And most of all Asheville Dental care just make coming to the dentist a fun and enjoyable experience.”

Lydia A. - Asheville, NC

Stacey E.

“Your staff is so well trained, and they get along so well that makes my visits to your office just that more enjoyable.”

Stacey E. - Asheville, NC

Mike C

“I tell my friends you need to go see Asheville Holistic Dentist if for nothing else just to watch this new CAD/CAM dentistry. It is incredible!”

Mike C - Black Mountain, NC

Marilyn F.

“High-quality dental care is why I chose your practice; how much I enjoy coming to your office what a surprise. You and your staff make coming to the dentist and very fun experience.”

Marilyn F. - Candler, NC

Amanda E.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful smile you have given me!  Still, can’t believe how quickly and painlessly the LUMINEERS® process was. I greatly appreciate what you have done for me.“

Amanda E. - Hendersonville, NC

Matt B.

“I was really unhappy with my smile and just in general how my bad teeth impacted how I looked. A friend told me about LUMINEERS® and told me to check out your Web site. The part that attracted me most is that my teeth would not have to be ground and that the process was virtually painless. I love my new look and so do my family and friends. I would recommend LUMINEERS® to anyone.”

Matt B.

Jackie H.

“I had old crowns that just didn’t look good – they had dark lines and were overall just really dark. My crowned teeth didn’t match the shade of my other teeth. Asheville Dental Care did LUMINEERS® on my six front teeth and just covered up my existing crowns without having even to cut them off. Now everywhere I go people comment on how beautiful my teeth look. I am just amazed at the transformation.”

Jackie H. - Candler, NC

Susan S.

“Thank you. LUMINEERS® have done wonders for my self-confidence! The placement was quick, amazingly simple and painless. Most of all, I am so excited to show off such a dramatic transformation. My whiter, brighter smile is so natural. I now smile from ear to ear!”

Susan S. - Tryon

Terry W.

“My wife, a nurse for more than 25 years, came home from her first appointment and experience with CEREC. She was so impressed with how fast and hassle free the process was, she said, ‘You should have Rob crown some teeth even if you don’t have any fillings so that you can experience this incredible process.”

Terry W. - Weaverville, NC

Eva S.

“I am just blissfully happy with my new CEREC! It is the perfect fit. Your new technique is so impressive, and I enjoyed watching. I am just still in “AWE” that I do not have to come back for more visits. This is all complete in just one day with no pain or discomfort! Thank you again for taking such great care of my teeth.”

Eva S. - Black Mountain, NC

Kay P.

“I was referred to Asheville Holistic Dentist (formerly Asheville Dental Care) through a friend and have to admit I was a bit skeptical about how much she bragged about her ‘trips’ to the dentist. But I enjoyed my first visit so much, that I came home and told all of my friends.”

Kay P. - Fletcher, NC

Moira W.

“Everyone I met is a PROFESSIONAL. I appreciate and, find joy, in the flower arrangements and warm, pristine atmosphere of the office and, dare I mention, the HELLO magazines!”

Moira W.

Cristin M.

“Dr. Pang this letter is long overdue. Thank you for the fantastic job you did on my teeth. I can’t get over how great they look and how happy I am with the results – and that you did it all with CEREC in just one visit. The first day after my appointment, my friends noticed the difference immediately. This was a great experience, not only are you great at what you do, you and your team make going to the dentist fun!”

Cristin M. - California

Victoria S.

“Absolutely everyone was polite and kind to me. Dr. Pang explained everything thoroughly and referred me to a specialist for a couple of things that genuinely required one, and the specialist he recommended was excellent also. Both the dentist and his assistant were very gentle during exam and x-rays. The front desk staff was accommodating with finding me workable appointments.”

Victoria S. - Burnsville, NC

Becky B.

“I have been seeing the team “Pang” for over a year now and look forward to every appointment. The work he does is very articulate and detailed. Along with his expertise, he is also somewhat of a comedian. He keeps your spirit up and makes you laugh. His Chair side assistant, Theresa is also a comedian and a very efficient, time effected assistant. They work well with each other and seem to stay in sync. In a few weeks, my MAJOR dentistry will be over, and I can not wait to see the results of everyone’s hard work and effort!”

Becky B. - Nevada

Pamela G.

“Today’s visit was due to a dental emergency and the office fit me in immediately. Caroline was efficient and concerned on the telephone, and the doc fixed what turned out to be a more lengthy thing than I initially assumed. He explained everything, every step, which I appreciate. I very much enjoy my relationship with this practice.”

Pamela G.

Adriana V.

“Thank you so much for your GREAT help, everyone was awesome from the instant I went in until I left the building. Mr. Pang is funny. I enjoy his jokes a lot.”

Adriana V.

George D.

“Thanks, again, for world-class dental care. I appreciate your patient, clear explanations of my situation and each step of care. And I appreciated working me into your busy schedule promptly after losing a crown.”

George D.

“One was deep, and he was at first concerned that I needed a root canal, but he was able to zap the decay out with the laser and NO PAIN! I also did Invisalign and Brightsmiles (laser whitening) here, so my teeth are looking pretty legit. I love my brilliant grill, love Dr. Pang & Sandra is an excellent, gentle hygienist!”

“Dr. Pang has been my dentist for about ten years now… since they were in their old office on Perkins Street. The laser technology he uses is AMAZING. I am a big baby when it comes to needles and drills. Each cavity I’ve had (four??) was treated using the laser, and I did not need Novocaine.”