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Asheville Holistic Dentist - Actual Dental Patients
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Dentistry has Evolved, Has your Dentist?

At Asheville Holistic Dentist - we believe we have.

Comprehensive Dentistry provides dental treatments in conjunction with your whole body because your teeth are an integral part of your overall health.

The Systemic Connection

Research has shown there is a significant connection between your dental health level and the health of the body. Dental Health can have considerable influence on other disease processes in your body.

The Mechanical Connection

Your bite alignment has an impact on your head & neck. This, in turn, affects your spine and your whole body. Proper alignment can prevent teeth from cracking & breaking.  Preventative strategies can avoid costly crowns and dental implants.

We provide Neuromuscular Orthodontic services so that your care is comprehensive. We like to work closely with your additional therapists such as Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Acupuncturists.

Asheville Holistic Dentist - Actual Dental Patient
Meta - Actual Dental Patient

Technology When It Matters

Technological advancements have made it possible to provide you with less invasive procedures to fix your dental problems. Ask us how Lasers, Cerec, Dental Implants, Digital X-Rays and therapies like Ozone enable us to gently restore your smile.

Our Asheville Dental Team has taken hours of training in state-of-the-art, high-tech procedures such as:

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Good Health is more than just the Absence of Disease.

Our focus is to use approved non-toxic dental restorative materials when treating dental issues.

Dr. Pang and the Asheville Dental Team use a holistic approach when providing General dental services. We don't just stop at not placing Mercury fillings. We use BPA-Free white filling materials. Biological compatibility testing for our dental materials can be made available.

Ask our Hygienists about the Dental Probiotic. This patented Probiotic has over 30 years of research. It has been found to accelerate the repopulation of beneficial bacteria after your dental cleaning to improve your dental health.

Biological Dentistry

As an Asheville Holistic Dentist patient, you benefit from the dental services of highly skilled professionals.

We believe that dentistry should provide you with aesthetic, non-toxic, and individually biocompatible treatments.

Advanced Dental Services

By having access to the most advanced restorative procedures, you can achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve dreamed of and make it last a lifetime.


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