How are our cleanings different?

We start your cleaning with a pre-rinse. Pre-rinsing helps to disinfect the mouth before your teeth cleaning service. This simple action reduces the number of existing toxins & bacteria from being introduced into your bloodstream.

Our hygienists will settle you in with an application of our soothing lip balm.

A dedicated canister of water first goes through a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System.  That water is put through a Di-Ionizing Process. Then a distilling process. Finally, that water is then put through an Ozone process. Ozonated water is made fresh daily in our office.

The ultrasonic unit, used to remove debris from your teeth, also contains this water. This supercharged ozonated water reduces harmful bacteria. This enhances the immune response of your gums since the oxygen gets to your red blood cells through the gum tissue. To learn more about this process, please click on the following pages: Reverse Osmosis, De-Ionize & Distilling & Ozone.

Hand scaling is performed to gently remove the hard plaque, which builds up on your tooth surface.

Your teeth are polished to remove any staining. The paste has NO dyes, NO chemicals, and NO fluoride. As a finishing touch, we floss your teeth, and you can rinse with a soothing herbal solution.

Laboratory testing has identified more than 20 antioxidants in our herbal rinse. Antioxidants are critical to the health of your mouth. A healthy mouth is a vital link to a healthy body.  This herbal rinse contains whole-plant technology that your body knows how to use. It synergistically combines organic, gluten-free whole-leaf wheat grass and organic latex-free inner-leaf aloe vera with organic sweet almond oil, xylitol from U.S. hardwood, organic vegetable glycerin, organic peppermint oil and rosemary oil. No GMOs, alcohol or artificial ingredients.

Besides your lip balm, we will also provide you with a travel size toothpaste. Our chosen toothpaste contains Himalayan Neem, a natural antibacterial agent. Neem has been found to be effective in lowering levels of plaque and tartar while reducing inflammation, bleeding gums, and dental infections. It does not contain Fluoride, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth SulfateTriclosan or Sodium Hydroxide.

We provide a sustainably produced bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one. EcoPlanet Bamboo estimates that the US alone throws away between 850 million – 1 billion toothbrushes every year. Plastic toothbrushes are not biodegradable. They end up in landfills and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Finally, a tasty Oral Pro-Biotic tablet. These tablets are specially designed to reduce the pH of our mouths and to accelerate the repopulation of beneficial bacteria.

We want your mouth to feel refreshed & protected.

Holistic Teeth Cleaning