Before Ozonizing, our water is first put through 3 additional purification processes:

  1. Reverse Osmosis
  2. De-Ionize
  3. Distilling

Ozone is created using medical grade oxygen. The generator turns Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3). Essentially Ozone is just an energized form of Oxygen.

The benefits of Ozone are:

  • It’s a powerful disinfectant, killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • It breaks down harmful chemicals.
  • Provides an extra oxygen molecule bonded to the water.
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes the body’s natural antioxidants

Ozone looks to neutralize anything with a positive charge. “Good” cells will typically have anti-oxidants on their cell membranes. “Bad” cells (some bacteria, free radicals or viruses) carry a positive charge on their cell membranes. The ozone particle will seek to neutralize the positive charge. It will perforate the cell membrane and thus destroy the “bad” cell.

For more information read our article on the benefits of Reverse Osmosis, De-Ionize, and Distilling Water for dental health.