Peri-Implantitis Treatment Can Help You Maintain a Beautiful Smile

If you have invested in your oral health and smile by getting dental implants but end up developing an oral infection of the bone and soft tissue around the implants, you may need peri-implantitis treatment to restore your oral health.

Dr. Peter Pang uses laser technology to eradicate the infection and accumulation of oral bacteria trapped between the gum tissue and implants.

This treatment boasts a high success rate and may help you maintain that beautiful smile for life.


  • 50% Of people show some signs of peri-implantitis.
  • 78% Of smokers experience peri-implantitis.
  • 70% Of those with peri-implantitis experience bone loss of 1/3 the root length.

"Peri-implantitis in a Specialist Clinic of Periodontology. Clinical Features and Risk Indicators." ResearchGate. Swedish Dental Journal, 1 Jan. 2010. Web. 7 Nov. 2014.

We Save Dental Implants

You can develop peri-implantitis as a result of poor oral hygiene or as a side effect of certain diseases.

Undergoing laser treatment for peri-implantitis can reduce the risk of bone loss around the implants, and also lower the risk of developing health problems linked to oral bacteria. The same laser used to treat gum disease can be used to treat the tissues surrounding a dental implant with a very successful outcome.

Laser therapy for patients with peri-implantitis is relatively painless and can be performed as an in-office procedure.

What If I Choose Not To Be Treated Now?

Treating the tissues at the appropriate time can preserve the dental implant and reduce the risk of bone loss.

If the extent of the bone loss is too great, bacteria in the mouth can increase the risk of health problems as oral bacteria enters the bloodstream. Bacteria in the bloodstream has been linked to a number of systemic illnesses and fatal diseases of the organs.

Early treatment is necessary to preserve the health of the patient and also prevent extensive bone loss.