Are You Missing Teeth?

You're not alone. Here are some interesting facts about tooth loss in adults:

  • If you smoke, you are at a higher risk of losing all of your teeth.
  • If you have reached middle age, you have likely lost at least one tooth.
  • African-Americans experience more tooth loss than other racial groups.
  • Women have higher rates of tooth loss than men.

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Dental Implants Offer A solution To Missing Teeth

Dental implants can boost your self-confidence and provide permanent results.


What Is A Dental Implant?

Dr. Peter Pang may recommend dental implants over other tooth replacement procedures because dental implants have such a high success rate and minimal complications.

Dental implants are a permanent replacement for lost teeth. During the dental implant procedure, a titanium post is placed in the jaw that is designed to mimic the function of your natural tooth. After a period of healing time, a crown is attached to the post. Together, the implant and the crown mimic the look and function of a natural tooth allowing you to eat and speak normally again.

Dental Implants Are Low Maintenance Solutions for Replacing Missing Teeth.
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Dental implants can be an effective solution for replacing missing teeth permanently and function just like your natural teeth. Because they are fused directly into the jaw bone, dental implants provide a very secure fit.

With Proper Care, Maintenance, and Regular Check-Ups Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime.
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Dental implants can last a lifetime and are a very effective tooth restoration procedure. If you have dental anxiety, consider sedation dentistry services to complement your treatment plan.

Dental Implants Give The Flexibility to Replace One or Several Missing Teeth.
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Dr. Pang can replace one or several missing teeth with dental implants or place dental implants to support a set of dentures. This provides more stability for the patient and ensures lasting results.

Dental Implants Can Improve A Person’s Self-Confidence and Ability To Live A Normal Life.
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Patients with dental implants enjoy a better quality of life because they do not need to worry about their implants slipping, making noises while they speak or chew, or gum irritation from dentures.

Missing All Of Your Teeth?

Restore your smile permanently.


Replacing Traditional Dentures with Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are designed with a set of dental implants that serve as a foundation for dentures. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia or sedation for a pain-free visit. Dr. Pang offers two types of implant supported dentures: Bar-retained dentures and ball-retained dentures.

Both types of dentures offer a long-term solution for those who are suffering from tooth loss and are tired of dealing with uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures. The implant supported denture ensures your denture will stay in place permanently so you no longer need to worry about eating or speaking again!

Ball-Retained Implant Supported Dentures

Ball-retained implant supported dentures are designed with a ball-and-socket mechanism so that the dentures fit securely on the gums. Patients will no longer worry about shifting or moving dentures as they eat or speak. With ball retained dentures, patients can live their lives with confidence.

Bar-Retained Implant Supported Dentures

Metal bars are connected to the dental implant posts for more comfort and stability. A set of dentures can be placed on top of the metal bars and secured with clasps to ensure a tight fit. This type of denture can be removed at night for cleaning.