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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a process that removes organic contaminants from water. The technology pushes water through a membrane. This membrane allows the water to pass through but not molecules of bacteria and other contaminants. This is like using a screen on a door that allows the air to pass through but not flies and other bugs. Reverse Osmosis is a proven filter system for producing high purity water. It cannot claim to 100% remove bacteria and contaminants. Consequently, after the water is treated by the Reverse Osmosis Filtration – it is then processed through a Di-Ionization system.


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De-Ionization this system removes most inorganic chemicals & contaminants, including Calcium and Fluoride. It is a two-stage ion exchange system that results in mineral-free or ion-free water.

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Distilling Water


Distilling is a method whereby water is heated to boiling point and then the evaporated steam is collected. The steam then cools to become very purified water.

Distilling alone will not remove volatile organics and certain contaminants. Hence, the pre-treatment filtering (Reverse Osmosis & Di-Ionizing) are important steps to achieve high purity water.

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