DURAthin veneers

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Dr. Pang & the team at Asheville Dental Care are proud to be able to offer the patented procedure – DuraThin Veneers to patients.

“I think Tina Free sums it up quite well,” says Dr. Pang,

“What concerns people most is having healthy tooth structure drilled away.”

DuraThin Veneers allows us to improve on uneven, chipped, discolored teeth and restore someone’s smile – without removing any natural enamel. These MicroThin, custom-made porcelain laminates adhere to your existing teeth. Dentists performing this patented technique require specialized training.

“It’s revolutionary,” says Dr. Pang.

“In fact, I believe this procedure protects otherwise weakened, fragile tooth structure that is sheltered underneath the veneer.” Being able to smile with confidence is beyond measure.

While it is an excellent way to update your smile and protect your existing tooth enamel, unfortunately not everyone is a candidate. If you wish to see if you are a candidate and learn more about DuraThin Veneers – please call us to schedule a consultation.

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