Best of Asheville 2021

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I am so honored to receive this award from our community.

Asheville Holistic Dentist is proud to offer a more holistic approach that has healthier, happier patients.

We have been voted the Best of Asheville and I want to thank all my patients, friends, family, and team for their support in making it happen!

As a leading provider of preventive dental care in Asheville, North Carolina my team strives to make sure that you are always happy with your teeth and mouth through our minimally invasive approach.

Asheville Holistic Dentistry is committed to providing patients with natural, biocompatible treatments that are both aesthetically pleasing and non-toxic.

Utilizing a blend of high tech procedures along with the most up-to-date, safe techniques in dentistry like Laser Fillings, one appointment Ceramic Crowns, Laser Gum Treatments, and Digital X-rays.

In my practice, I choose not to use mercury fillings because they are harmful for me, my patients, and staff. I am pleased with the fact that BPA-free alternatives allow me to work more comfortably, while saving my patients from potential health problems or Mercury exposure. 

Asheville Holistic Dentist is the only SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certified dental office in Asheville.

Learn more about the IAOMT (The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) and the SMART certified techniques that we use to reduce Mercury exposure by visiting their website.

Our dedicated hygienist team at Asheville Holistic Dental offer patients a patented dental probiotic, which has been found to repopulate the beneficial bacteria lost following treatment and improve oral health.

Every procedure at this dental office, from cleanings to surgeries, is performed with triple filtered – distilled – ozonated water.

In my dental office we make every effort to make sure your experience here is pleasant from beginning to end.

Thank you Asheville for voting Asheville Holistic Dentist the Best of Asheville 2021.

This award is a real honor.

Dr. Peter Pang DDS, MAGD, PA, MALD

Asheville Holistic Dentist Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart

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