How to Improve Your Smile

Woman with a wide happy smile.

Improving your smile can be accomplished in many different ways.

“People are unique, and everyone has their own view of what looks good to them. Since graduating in 1987 from Loma Linda University, I have conscientiously pushed myself to always be evolving – because dentistry is evolving, especially in the recent 15 years”.

Dr. Pang.

Asheville Dental Care is devoted to making sure you get the best treatment possible. Everyone’s different, so we put in a lot of extra time to make sure our staff have up-to-date training and knowledge. That’s why we’ve devoted thousands of hours towards Continuing Education!

We make sure to stay on top of the newest dental tech and techniques so we can give you the right kind of care when you need it. Whether it’s a routine cleaning or more complex process, we’re ready to give personalised attention.

“Having teeth that look natural is a major concern for most people”

Dr. Pang

Teeth Bleaching / Whitening

Teeth Bleaching / Whitening is all that is needed for some people to refresh their smile. For others, a little more enhancement is necessary and veneers can be a very useful process.

DuraThin Veneers

DuraThin Veneers have revolutionized this procedure so that, in most cases, we no longer have to remove any tooth enamel. DuraThin is a patented system that the team at Asheville Dental Care have trained in.

Asheville Holistic Dentist

Dr. Pang is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has taken many hours of elective hands-on training in the techniques of Cosmetic work. So much so, that the Academy of General Dentistry awarded Dr. Pang a Mastership in General Dentistry, an honor that less than 4% of US dentists have achieved.

“In Asheville, I believe we only have six dentists with that distinction,”

Dr. Pang

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction is typically for people who have severe problems with their teeth. This can be due to Reactive Dentistry. People go to the dentist for their cleanings; they change dentists, and when they have a toothache or break a tooth, they get that one issue fixed. However, if there are underlying causes of the issues that are not addressed, then over the years, this develops into bigger problems.

At first, it is a slow destructive process. Once the outer stronger layers of our teeth break down, then it can quickly progress into a quite debilitating and distressing situation.

Sometimes people will recognize the warning signs and decide to do something about it because they want to have healthy, stable teeth when they are in their 60s and be able to enjoy their food.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment is more involved than updating or enhancing one’s smile. A lot of times we have to rehabilitate gum disease and collapsed support structures of the jaws & teeth. Often, we have to rebuild the foundations before we can place restorations because if we don’t, the restorations won’t last – they will break off.

Combining his training in Orthodontia with Full Mouth Reconstruction at many teaching organizations, including the Las Vegas Institute, has given Dr. Pang a unique perspective on treating complex cases.

“Some took six months, and some have taken three years. By the end, people would say why did they wait, that they wished they had done it sooner.”

Dr. Pang

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